„Czarowna Walizka” is
a unique initiative: commercial dimension (shop) is accompanied by a collection of updated texts from my journeys and the journeys of my suppliers, the colllection is „closed” in a separate section.
Shop is a space where you can meet with things. The things are born, live, go away, experience the fate of human beings, can be affirmed but also excluded and forgotten.
„Czarowna Walizka” offers you beautiful, interesting, amazing things, the souvenirs of my travels, things that are a sign of presence and acceptance of what I found somewhere else, somewhere farther...
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Paper cut

110.00 PLN
  • Origin: Łowicz
  • Designed and made by: Polish folk artist
  • Lenght: 31 cm
  • Width: 31 cm
  • Availability: 1
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Designed and made by: Polish folk artist
Lenght: 31 cm
Width: 31 cm

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